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Hydreight for Life!

IV Therapy for Florida's Treasure Coast by Sunrise Apothecary


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Hydration

Hydreight® is a mobile health & wellness service provider. Our services can refresh you after the most strenuous of activities, help you recover faster from flu symptoms, flush toxins out of your body, and replenish your muscles with the hydration they need.

For people who suffer from debilitating Migraine or for those who had a few too many last night, Hydreight® is your answer! Suffering from Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? We can help!

We have services for the conditions above and more! People who are looking for more energy or just want to feel better are already taking advantage of this quick and easy pick-me-up!

Book a service provider with the app to come to your house, office, or hotel….wherever you are, we come to you!

Image by Linus Mimietz
What is Hydreight?

What is Hydreight?


Available Services

All services 100% Mobile!

Our dedicated professionals come to your home, business, hotel, beach... 

Vero Beach, FL

Serving the entire Treasure Coast! 

IV (intravenous) Infusion

30-60 minutes

Intramuscular Injection

Add On Service and Available at Some Events. 

Can not be booked alone

Aesthetics Coming Soon